Me on vacation

Hello, my name is Wiktor Toporek and I am a software developer who began his coding passion in childhood by writing some simple games & desktop programs and then progressed this passion to the web development professionally.

From the programmer's point of view, I prefer statically-typed functional programming style as I figured out that I am most productive and happy doing software that way, however I respect other approaches and have no problem to switch to them if the team that I am part of prefers doing software in an alternative way.

I am a fan of an Elm programming language and because of it's inspiration I try to squeeze as much as I can from the TypeScript.

I like to share my thoughts and teach people programming in all fields that I feel my experience can help, especially in some pioneer and less popular technologies or ideas in general because I believe that sometimes they don't have relevant marketing (they are underrated), but still may be valuable and crave for some volunteers that can spread the word. That's also the reason why I give some presentations on not-so-small-meetups occasionally in spite of my introvert nature. Anyway, I always try my best to transfer knowledge about stuff that I believe in, in a fun manner :)

Also, welcome to my homepage! There is another thing that you can do here beside reading my short bio. Namely, I would love to share some thoughts with you through my Blog.

In case you would like to chat about programming stuff or anything, you can reach me at Twitter: @vViktorPL